Michael Sheldon Swope

1843 - 1929 - Obituary

Father: Michael Swope - Mother: Rhoda Freeland

(Brother: Albert Asbury Swope)

He was a prominent businessman in Terre Haute, Indiana.
He served in the Civil War and helped establish the first library in Terre Haute.
Sheldon Swope died in Florida.

Served in the 14th Indiana Infantry Company 1

Swope Block 1902
Terre Haute, Indiana

Swope Jewelry Store

Letter Head for
Swope Jewelry Store

From Swope Art Museum Website

Swope Art Museum has many people to thank for its existence, but none more than Terre Haute jeweler Sheldon Swope. Through a bequest, Swope laid the foundations on which the museum was built. What follows here is a small tribute to his memory.

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